Joe Strummer Along the Westway to Heaven

Joe Strummer: 21 August 1952 – 22 December 2002 This is a reprise of a post from a couple years ago. Hard to believe ten years have passed since Strummer's passing, more than 30 since I saw The Clash at the State Theatre in Akron, OH. In a week, I'll also be marking the 30th anniversary…


Is Satire Possible if the Signifier is Truly Dead?

The world may never know! However, Davis Schneiderman's literal-satirical, quasi-Dadaist deconstructions perhaps best the opaque dead-end offerings of monsieur Derrida(da) by virtue of a direct appeal to the senses and a nostalgic harkening to a 1970s Saturday Night Live comic sensibility. Here, Schneiderman is joined by the late Raymond Federman and Lidia Yuknavitch for a…

The Matter of the Krupa Manuscript

This is an experiment in film, music, and short fiction I prepared in advance of a reading I gave at the University of Maine in 2007. It blends clips of Gene Krupa, Krupa's music, my photographs of Philadelphia and other urban locales, and excerpts from my short story, "Gene Krupa's Never-Before-Published Science Fiction Story."