Maximum Fiction on Hiatus

Note to readers: Maximum Fiction is on indefinite hiatus while I decide whether to continue the site in it's present form, kill it, or reinvent it in some way.


Thoughts: Am I an American Writer?

Though born and raised in the United States, I recently found myself asking whether I'm an American writer. I concluded that, based on my approach to fiction and despite having been born here, I am absolutely not an American writer. American writers, with few exceptions, believe you need to get to the point. I'm not…

Off Topic: Eastwood Guitars Gets It

This post comes from Maximum Fiction's Department of Shameless Self Promotion. One of my sidebar passions is guitar, and I recently had the great fortune of working with Dinosaur Magazine Intl on an article about the groovy vintage designs produced by Eastwood Guitars. The full article appears in the new print edition of Dinosaur, but…