April 25 is a sidebar musical project I’ve embarked on. In this project, I’m using Apple’s Garageband application to approximate the sound I’d strive for had I an actual band of my own. I also use the proejct as a fulcrum for my impulse toward lyric writing and setting my fictional pieces to music.

The first offering is “Back to My City.” A friend of mine who’s an actual musician and sound technician has offered to embellish the tracks with real instruments and professional production. Stay tuned for another version of “City.” I’m posting these cuts on YouTube.

Why “April 25?” Have a look at the Wikipedia entry for April 25 and choose your favorite reason.

Back to My City

Sound of Slack

Experimental SoundCloud Player for “Sound of Slack”

Listen to April 25!

Radio Way/ve
Listen to “Radio Way/ve”.

This number is inspired by an acquaintance who operates a pirate radio station.

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  1. Haha! Thanks, Dawn. This is very much a just-for-fun project. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve got the music tracks down for a new one, just need to lay down the, in my case so-called, vocals.

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