Cover of Flicker in the Porthole Glass

Edward Desautels’ novel Flicker in the Porthole Glass was published by MAMMOTH Books in 2002 and drew favorable notice in The Review of Contemporary Fiction, which called it “an aural event both jagged and elegant, assaultive and inviting, that moves with the clipped, dangerous, urgent kinesis of hard bop jazz.” Noted novelist Paul West observed that Flicker in the Porthole Glass “has elegant momentum, a strong narrative drive, a host of articulate phrases, and genuine fascination. Not a syllable goes to waste, not a sentence seems otiose. It crackles and flashes with wit, verve, and earthy contrasts.”

Desautels’ short fiction has appeared in Haydens Ferry Review; War, Literature, & the Arts; The Little Magazine; Pennsylvania English; and Stolen Island Review. His fictive critical essay, “Totally Wired: Prepare Your Affidavits of Explanation,” appeared in the critical anthology Retaking The Universe: William S. Burroughs in the Age of Globalization, published by Pluto Press in 2004.

Desautels has lived in State College, Philadelphia, Boston, and Pittsburgh where he’s been a rockabilly guitarist, nightclub manager, projectionist, professional student, golfer, and technical editor. He’s currently working on the novel Housebreaking the Muse.

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