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photo of pencilsSometimes word games like this can inspire interesting combinations or turns of phrase. Here are ten off-the-cuff suggestions:

  • aerating tool for a very patient gardener
  • tossing caber for Edinborough Barbie
  • ceremonial scepter for the mayor of an eponymous town in upstate New York
  • impromptu mustache when balanced on curled upper lip
  • baton for a diminutive field marshal
  • ammunition for a crossbow fashioned from two rulers joined with Scotch tape and a slightly larger than normal rubber band
  • essential missile in a game of ceiling-tile Jarts
  • with double-sided tape cleverly applied to eraser end, retriever of wedding ring from an inconvenient crevice
  • ear adornment for an office worker of the last century determined to feign absent-minded concentration
  • spine stiffener for spiral bound notebook

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