Having had an advanced peek, I’m very excited about the release of Dave Kress’s new novel, Hush. Hush is available for $19.95 from Amazon.Com.

Kress’s earlier works include Counting Zero, a novel in retrograde, and Martians, a creature. Both Counting Zero and Martians were also published by MAMMOTH Books. Hush promises to spark lively discussions living, as it does, at the dangerous four-way intersection of religion, language, sex, and bowling. The following synopsis is from the novel’s jacket. Immediately below it you’ll find the video trailer for Hush.

From the jacket:
“Let’s just write once and for all that I’m dumb and let it go at that. Okay?” So writes Suster Reanne Mone in Hush, one of two known members of the Church of God the Silence and sporadic freshman at Bristol County Community College. Beset by a series of personal travesties, the teenaged Reanne finds herself living destitute, drunk, and alone in her “heap of a K-Car” amidst the ramshackle, podunk village of Awnry, Mass. Spared from an early demise by her old chum, the mutable gamine Penny, Reanne finds salvation of sorts in the mystic washing machine tinker, Clloyd Shoop. To make sense of the harrowing events that both precede and follow her encounter with Shoop, Reanne pens this outrageous, sexualized, hilarious, and highly personal bible—Hush! In it, we trace not only Reanne’s struggles for personal redemption, but her effort to overcome both the limits of religion and the limits of language—of which all religion is made—to find a space in which the unsayable may, blessedly, remain unsaid.

Well, what do you think?

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