The extended summer we’ve been enjoying in southwest PeeYay finally seems to have burned itself out. Just two weeks ago the sun shone and we basked in lovely, sweaty, ninety-degree afternoons. But the shortening evenings laid bare our delusions of endless summer, and yesterday I froze my ass for five hours trying to play tournament golf in the drab overcast of an October afternoon as stingy with warmth as it was with light. It was enough to break my spirit, but I’m girding myself for one more test: Next week I play the Pittsburgh Golfers Tour Championship at Totteridge in Greensburg, PeeYay. Then it’s back to the Desautels garret where I’ll spend the winter pushing forward on Housebreaking the Muse. I’ll also have my say here on Maximum Fiction, and with luck enlist the help of some colleagues to give this thing some fresh voices and insights.

Well, what do you think?

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