• The conference is very well attended this year.
  • Dimitri Anastasopoulos and Christina Milletti did an amazing job pulling the thing together. We’re hoping they don’t collapse from exhaustion.
  • Steve Tomasula presented his DVD “book,” Toc. There was some discussion in the wee hours about whether it really is a book, especially since Steve slipped up during his presentation and referred to it as a “movie.” No matter, fine work.
  • Shelley Jackson gave a compelling reading. Communiques from the dead processed by children with speech impediments.
  • Missed Rikki Ducornet’s keynote, but the food at Left Bank was quite good.

My overall impression so far is that the train seems to have left the station and I’m no longer aboard. With few exceptions, it seems the new crop of experimental or innovative writers considers prose fiction, no matter how imaginative or technically innovative, unable to stand on its own–or at best part of some sort of old guard (Ducornet, Mary Caponegro, Joanna Scott, etc.). Hence, the digitizing and incorporation of sound, animation, etc. Perhaps I’ll be left so far behind my work will come to be considered mainstream and I’ll find a home for it in older neighborhoods like, gasp, Atlantic Monthly! (Uh, not bloody likely.)

Well, what do you think?

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