(spam poem by Edward Desautels)

outdoor glasses open
to lonely winter
promise our Indians
the reservations sold

we affirm our pretty town
behind the cannon
preempt the encounter
conduct our inquiries

redeem thy foundry
we cry on horseback
our vapours seeth and tumble
in the upper regions

we have done ill will
we have asked and promised
we have consulted the general
we have thrown our fits

dear reader behold
the discovery of Maine
come to us and ask
if our idea is expensive

3 thoughts on “The Muddlers

  1. Is anyone else disappointed with the quality of WordPress spam recently? About a year ago, I routinely received comments of the ilk below. Now all I get is russian things and “hai great site!!”.

    Justice had been committed.
    I said i thought possibly bella duveen.
    I wish to give myself up fo the her foot.
    ‘i don’t care.
    There must be a simple true, said he, and fearful to reflect upon.
    Yet, toward a quiet stranger. A beeh, said the man..

  2. Dan – Yes, the longish spam emails with lots of cut-and-paste prose, the ones that support my particular technique, seem far and few between these days. Ed.

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