Evocations: Annika

I was surprised to discover I hadn't already published this to Maximum Fiction. This piece, Annika, is another in my collection of bio-fictional shorts. I've dubbed the collection Evoctions because these short pieces seek to evoke the spirit of their subject. Several years old now, Annika is one of my earlier attempts in this form.…

Opening Passage of Green, My Backburner Golf Novel

Miff guided the Conculator down the flat, gently curving ribbon of I-95 through North Carolina toward South, stopping only to pee, fuel up, and grab a handful of fresh cigars from the barn-sized humidor at J.R.’s in Selma. When he’d left Pittsburgh, it was thirty-five degrees and sleeting. Here, in the Heart of Darkness, the sun shone on the windshield and offered him the warmth that always made him forgive Dixie its sins.